Site: https://www.emeditor.com/

emEditor is a tool that I purchased for a specific need, and SublimeText was not able to handle it. I needed the ability to open an extremely large CSV file and manipulate the CSV data in bulk. Specifically, the CSV had sporadic use of quoted cells, commas where their shouldn’t have been, etc. emEditor was able to open the file and, in attempting to parse the CSV, it was able to pinpoint lines that had a mismatch in the number of columns for the CSV. This allowed me to correct those records manually. Another feature that I used at the end of the project was the ability to mass-quote each individual cell, for consistency. Although not quite to the point of excel and its formula language, emEditor allowed for tabular display of CSV data, which allowed for quick sorting of data.

I still do not use this editor on a consistent basis, but it has unique functionality that I have not been able to find anywhere.

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