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  • RegEx 101
    Site: This is a website sandbox for learning [or testing] regex expressions. You are able to search the command repository for commands that may be of help for you, and then you are able to see your regex working in real-time, when run on provided test strings. This was invaluable when I was learning … Read more
  • Git Kraken
    Site: Git Kraken is a heavily advertised Git GUI. It is a free application for open source projects and $50/year for an individual license. Prior to finding Git Kraken, I used Atlassian SourceTree, which is also on this list and is free. I found that GitKraken has an easier to use interface for almost … Read more
  • VirtualBox
    Site: This is the best free utility that I can found for spinning up virtual machines, without having a huge administrative overhead. Great for setting up linux machines to learn new technologies
  • Ninite
    Site: When working on new machines, where it is common to install a bunch of applications all at once; this website can help by bundling applications into one installer. The website only bundles a handful of common, but safe, applications, so it is meant to provide a head start in setting up a new … Read more
  • GreentShot
    Site: This is screen capture software that replaces the Print-Screen functionality in Windows and Mac. A key benefit of this application is the built in image editor, which allows for highlighting, drawing of boxes, and blurring of areas of a recent screen capture. Definitely a great tool for professional looking screenshots in documentation or … Read more