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  • VirtualBox
    Site: This is the best free utility that I can found for spinning up virtual machines, without having a huge administrative overhead. Great for setting up linux machines to learn new technologies
  • Ninite
    Site: When working on new machines, where it is common to install a bunch of applications all at once; this website can help by bundling applications into one installer. The website only bundles a handful of common, but safe, applications, so it is meant to provide a head start in setting up a new … Read more
  • GreentShot
    Site: This is screen capture software that replaces the Print-Screen functionality in Windows and Mac. A key benefit of this application is the built in image editor, which allows for highlighting, drawing of boxes, and blurring of areas of a recent screen capture. Definitely a great tool for professional looking screenshots in documentation or … Read more
  • Grammarly
    Site: This is a tool that can analyze your writing, for grammar and spelling, on web or office documents. I found this program extremely useful during my Masters program; however, I can’t justify paying the subscription fee when writing is not my day job.
  • DisplayFusion
    Site: This is an indispensable program for those who use more than one monitor in their work. Since being released, Windows 10 has added the ability to have the taskbar show on all monitors; however, DisplayFusion goes a step further. DisplayFusion has context aware display of taskbar icons, so only windows on the respective … Read more
  • Connectify
    Site: This is a great tool for sharing internet connections. If you are at a hotel or on the go, this utility allows your computer to become a virtual mobile hotspot that can be used by any of your devices.
  • 1Password
    Site: I’ve tried several password managers, and none of them compare to 1Password. 1Password truly focuses on security, with an integration with, a master key for your account, and quick lists for reused passwords/weak passwords. Another great benefit is the ability to perform two-factor authentication requests, except for Duo, for most popular websites, … Read more
  • Creative Commons
    Site: A website used for searching photos with varying types of license restrictions.